We operate licensed software

In order to be able to efficiently manage all the documents that are regulated by law we run sophisticated software. This gives us the opportunity to manage all the data in a centralised manner including stock management for our customers and data interchange with customs directly. To be able to do that we have a fully licensed and accredited solution.

  • Import goods declaration (Using ITU protocol)
  • Export customs clearance (EX-A using ELEX protocol)
  • Issuance of Transit documentation (e.g. T1 passport or TIR Carnet including electronic TIR-Carnet using NCTS protocols)
  • Statistical data production (using INTRASTAT protocol)
  • Other support documentation (Packing lists, Loading lists etc)

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By the way

Thanks to our IT department we are able to provide our customers with the following features:

  • Real-time Online Stock Balance Report
  • Cloud-based Document Storage and Exchange Portal
  • Online Chat for quick messaging
  • And More