Transportation is a very important part

It is worth noting that transportation is a very important part of the overall logistics process. Not only you want to have your goods stored, consolidated and taken care of in a proper manner but also have the correct documents produced and reliable transportation arranged.

We can help with

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    Regular shipments

    In order to maintain uninterrupted supply and logistics chain we can arrange or recommend transportation partners for your purposes that you can rely on

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    One-time deliveries

    We can arrange the shipment for your cargo from our premises as well as to our premises for consolidation

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    Combined deliveries

    If you have a small shipment to make we can help you make a combined shipment. We combine multiple orders of multiple customers into one shipment to share the cost

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    Transport documentation

    All goods must have supportive documents during the transportation. Thanks to our licenses, software solutions, knowledge, experience and infrastructure we can produce it all

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    It is never a bad idea to insure your freight. Especially if you ship expensive, fragile or otherwise valuable goods and products. With the help of our partners we can arrange this

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