RIOLOG Oy is logistics company that specializes in Warehousing and Transport Logistics. Our staff are all in the industry more than 15 years. This guarantees the experience, wisdom and flexibility of operations. We know exactly what and when needs to be done in order to maintain the delivery chain working like a clock.

It all started in 2005 and since the company developed a vast partnership network and most importantly gained priceless experience on the market.

There is a strong volume of export and transit goods traffic flowing through Finland. Before traffic would flow eastwards a lot. Now there has been a traffic reversal which in turn raised the demand for customs related operations. Europe has a vast market which means there is a need for convenient, experienced and cost efficient agent that can handle all the necessary processes and procedures.

Finland is considered a very secure, technologically advanced and efficient logistics hub to connect Europe and the Eastern countries together in the delivery chain. We are talking major harbors for sea-vessels, huge cargo terminal in Helsinki-Vantaa airport and absolutely amazing road transport connections with Russia.

Our vision is that there will always be transit as there will always be trade. RIOLOG Oy is ready to grow with you and help you expand to the new markets and explore new horizons.

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